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Welcome to RED Friday Canada's newly re-vamping online store. The RED Friday Organization is a social enterprise dedicated to reducing the stigma around mental illness and access to care and supporting mental wellness programs for veterans, nurses and first responders.

Due to the Pandemic and the War in the Ukraine , the "Veteran Peer Support Project" becomes permanent and we will be offering no-charge courses monthly to the community, for details contact us at support@redfriday.org

All Profits go to support Red Friday's programing and outreach.


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RED Friday supports first responders, nurses serving and non-serving military and their families with program delivery and funding aimed at and reducing the stigma around mental health issues and building coping skills and resilience. At RED Friday, we know that the largest causality of Occupational Stress Injury is not the career, but the intimate relationships we value most.

RED Friday (RED stands for Remember Everyone Deployed) was started by two Canadian Military wives whose partners were deployed to Afghanistan in 2004. The gesture of wearing red on Fridays to honour serving military members has been expanded to include support and recognition for those who serve the community, often at great personal cost.

RED Friday is a social enterprise that meets its agenda through training programs, sponsorships, business partnerships, and product sales. Our plans include a wellness grants fund that supports workplace wellness and recovery.

As an international advocate for organizational and personal wellness, RED Friday will continue to provide education and support for our constituency with the help of friends like you.

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